Marathon Training

As part of the gruelling training plan for this apparently endless run I’ll be doing in a couple of months, I think it’s important to hang out with the right people. So here’s a shot of me hanging out (and mugging it up) with someone who actually can run, Kelly Holmes (check out that bicep!).

Somehow, I don’t think Kelly’s style is going to work with me in my race though. I can’t quite see how I will fight my way past 30,000-odd people if I wait at the back until the last couple of miles. So I may be reduced to hanging at the back and finishing there – I’m not ready to guess what time that will be but I’m hoping it will still be race day.

Still. this photo certainly beats the one that Simon Moores has posted of me. I have no idea where he got that one from but I will say that the Saudis have taken pictures of me before and super-imposed my head on someone else’s body to ensure that I was seen wearing a tie.

Everyone knows I never wear ties.

Simon also comments on my Gateway story and notes that “joined up government” and giving blood are pretty much the same thing. After my time in government, I can vouch for that – except that at least with the National Blood Service they only drain a pint at a time. With Simon’s associations with the Conversatives, I’m not sure he’s realised that should Michael Howard ever make it into Number 10, an awful lot more of us will be giving our pints of blood. After all, he has something of the night about him, that Mr. Howard.

UKelect are predicting a Labour majority of 88 and PoliticalBetting is giving Boris Johnson 66-1 odds of being Prime Minister before 2014 (although Hills have him at 25-1).

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