Weirder and weirder stuff goes on. So now my other PCs aren’t working properly on my local Wifi network. Rather than spend hours like I did this weekend, I took the smarter decision to back out recent changes. The changes? Microsoft patches! I used the system restore function on one of the other PCs to roll back 2 days worth of system updates and, lo and behold, everything works fine. My guess is one particular path that relates to corporate network security (made available late last week i think). I use Dell laptops and a Dell desktop with a Belkin WiFi access point.

The symptoms are an apparently fully functional WiFi network that seems to be connected, but that doesn’t actually work. If you get that and you know you’ve updated your system recently, go back a couple of days (or longer, until it works) – use the system restore function off the accessories/system tools menu. For someone who counts himself as utterly not technical, I’m proud that I cracked that!

So far, it’s affected two laptops and one desktop, so it might hit you ….

I wasted so much time on this. Enough to make me consider a Mac. Not quite Linux, but a Mac at least.

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