Why no posts?

I’d planned to spend a good chunk of time this weekend just gone catching up on a few posts that I’d wanted to put up plus reading some of the far more prolific web writers to see what had been going on (you can see their names at left – I have no idea how they publish so much so often).

In the event, I powered on my laptop on Saturday (having hit the sack on Friday at 8pm, after 3 nights with close to no sleep) … and the WiFi was gone. Hours later, after fiddling, twiddling and fidgetting with everything I could think of, I reinstalled Windows. And only then did it work again. How can that be? Nothing was changed, nothing at all – yet it stopped working. I wonder whether a patch from Msft for XP stopped it all. Just in case, I didn’t install the last couple of patches that it went through once I’d reinstalled Windows (more than an hour of download at ADSL speeds once I’d installed the OS!).

So, updates will have to wait. Meanwhile, go read those people who as posting … John Gotze, Joel, Scott and Simon.

I’ll be back.

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