Whilst visting school classrooms in Kenya a couple of weeks ago I came across this poster on a wall:

I wasn’t quite sure what to make of it – was it a mistake and someone had planned to write husband/wife and then realised they weren’t opposites?  Was it deliberate and the school was telling its pupils that they’re not opposites?  Why not write the other side and cross both out?

So few girls complete the education in Africa that I couldn’t help but think it was not an accident though.

Meeting Output

Why is a whiteboard something like this so common in meeting rooms?


It seems to me that all meetings start off with good intentions – people want structure and note-taking and discipline. Quickly, that all falls away. And what’s left is like the imprint in rock of a long dead animal – evidence that something was there, some flash of inspiration, the remnants of a desire for that structure. Not, though, enough to see the DNA of the meeting and determine actually what went on.

This text was still on the whiteboard 3 days later when I was back in the same meeting room. I hope someone will use it soon.

Cornering The Highlighter Market

A highlighter alert from an occasional contributor, Matthew:


Presumably all yellow highlighters from the lower floors have already been collected and sold on eBay to contribute to the cost save target?

And a chart from the same source


What’s different times 2 indeed …