All Apple

As a long time Apple user and someone fully wrapped into the ecosystem with both no prospect and no desire to leave it, I find myself with a proliferation of monthly debits that could do with consolidation.

Where is the “All Apple”, “Apple Always”, “Always Apple”, or “Apple All The Time” service, something a little like Amazon Prime that wraps those services into a single monthly, or even annual, payment?

I have

  • Music (tried Spotify, preferred Apple)
  • iCloud (have dropbox, but phone and photo backups go to icloud)
  • Arcade (just trying the 1 month free period now but it looks interesting and, well, Oceanhorn 2)
  • TV+ (will doubtless become a free 1 year deal for me at some point soon but if it’s good I will extend it)
  • and there will be more

Surely there are frictional costs in this that Apple is incurring that it would suit them to consolidate (and reduce) too?

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