Ages of e-Government

Pre-Envoyian, also known as CeCeTAcian … characterised by rapid activity amongst many life forms, mostly concentrated in two strata, Norfolk’s Broads and Upper Whitehall.  Significant invention and development of new technologies.

Citucene … period of outlandish creativity amongst new lifeforms and the launch of entirely new streams of life along with the first exchanges of information between lifeforms across something akin to telepathy known as GSI.

Neo-Envoyian … a quieter period of calm reflection and preparation for renewed growth.  Early indications of polices on digital lifeforms and how they might interact in the future digital age.

Envoyian … a lengthy period characterised by a focus on achieving targets for growth and interaction, many thousands of new website lifeforms emerged many of which would be relatively short-lived.  Also a period of invention and development of new technologies and, for the first time, co-operation between the various species found across government.  Much of the activity was in a previously little known part of the planet known as Victoria.

Unitiferous … an age of consolidation as the website lifeforms previously created began to decay (their fossilised remains can sometimes be seen in a special preservation area near Kew).  Also saw the emergence of new attempts to control future lifeform development as the more powerful denizens of the age came together for the first time.

CIOzoic … a sustained period of little change though filled with occasional bursts of life that often escaped into the wild uncontrolled and eventually contained only after great expense.   The period of decay from the earlier age continued during the CIOzoic.

Brackonian … only just beginning and appears to be similar to the Envoyian age with the rapid emergence of many new technologies that iterate quickly and take on new forms almost faster than anyone can identify.  This could be an age where all user lifeforms experience great beauty … or the rapid profusion could result in difficulties sustaining life later.  A new area has been colonised for this experiment, known as Holborn.

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