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As a follow up to yesterday’s post on email volumes in government.  Here are the figures provided by DCLG in response to my questions:

Q1. Total number of emails sent and total received by the DCLG central e-mail system – A1. The total number of DCLG emails sent (outbound) during September 2011 were 338,971. The total number of DCLG emails received (inbound) during September 2011 were 643,280.  

Q2. Percentage of each that were entirely within the DCMS domain    Q3. Percentage of each that were to or from other government departments (with GSI, CJX or equivalent domain names) – Q4. Percentage of each that were to or from the Internet 

DCLG’s email system cannot disaggregate information to the level of detail you have requested for questions 2, 3 and 4.

So DCLG’s mail system handled a little over 982,000 emails in September 2011.  DCLG has 2,500 staff (and falling I gather).

On average, a DCLG staff member:

Received 257 emails per heard per month
Sent 135 emails per head per month

That’s just under 12 per day received and 6 sent.

The figures for DWP are quite different:

Received: 6.876m
Sent: 3.318m
Headcount: 90,000 (I see figures between 80,000 and 100,000 so picked the midpoint)

Received per head per month: 76
Sent per head per month: 37

It is likely, perhaps, that not all of DWP’s 90,000 staff have access to email, but I haven’t seen any figures that show how many that might be,

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