BeBox Ubiquity

A while ago I used to connect to a WiFi network called “BeBox”. On the way to and from work, my iPhone will flash a pop up box inviting me to connect to BeBox – all I need to do is enter the password. These BeBoxes aren’t, of course, the BeBox I used to connect to (hence the need to enter the password). I had no idea that BeBox was a product name and even less idea that people set up WiFi networks with the same generic name, although I guess I shouldn’t be surprised by that anymore – why configure something if it works out of the box? What I am surprised about is that the iPhone doesn’t know it isn’t the same BeBox and that, so far, I can’t find a way to make it forget it ever heard the name BeBox so that it won’t try and mate with every other BeBox out there.

One thought on “BeBox Ubiquity

  1. I have this exact same problem: it flashes up on my phone screen (in the car dock) on almost every journey around town. Really annoying!! And if I stop and try to catch it in the act (i.e., going to System Preferences and trying to catch the BeBox network) it's not in the list of WiFi spots to delete!! Very annoying, glad it's not just me 🙂 

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