Subtracting Addthis

Dan alerted me to a google warning page that came up when he visited this blog:


There is a consistent story on the web regarding why this message came up, e.g. quotes clearspring as saying

We noticed early this morning via Twitter that a large number of folks using Chrome were being warned of malware when visiting sites with Clearspring Launchpad widgets. To summarize the event, our portion of the Content Delivery Network (CDN), the service we use to efficiently host all Clearspring widget internals, was compromised with files that redirected users to a certain malware domain (which we won’t link here). We quickly fixed the issue and are now back to normal operation as far as the CDN is concerned. Because of Google’s aggressive malware prevention policy, users may continue to see warnings until Google completes its re-review process.

The thing is, I don’t have the “addthis” widget on my blog although I do have “add to any” and “share this” – I can’t find any link between them all. So I’m leaving it as it is for now until I can figure out if there’s another problem. I’ll update this post if I find it.

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