Indian Infrastructure By The Numbers

It’s a while since I’ve been to Delhi but when I was last there it was crying out for infrastructure investment – power, roads, communications and, especially, at the airport. in the next few weeks a new terminal opens with

48 gates

78 aerobridges

97 automated walkways

168 check in counters

4,300 parking spaces

12,800 bags per hour capacity

15,000 volunteers doing the testing (let’s hope they read the T5 lessons learned review)

30,000 workers involved

170,000 square metres of carpet

215,000 square feet of retail space

500,000 square metres of granite floors

1,000,000 trees (in and around)

5,500,000 square feet built up area

34,000,000 passengers per annum capacity

2,000,000,000 GBP in investment (up about 30% on the original budget)

To put that in perspective, in 2007 the entire airport handled only 23 million passengers. They’re forecasting a need for 100 million by 2030. Climate change notwithstanding.

This will be an air terminal to rival, say, Hong Kong’s. It will be the 3rd largest passenger terminal (after those in Dubai and Beijing of course). Yes, it’s bigger than T5 at Heathrow and T4 in Madrid.

Delays have hit the project recently, perhaps inevitably given its enormous scale.

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