Hard Coded Boris Bike Pricing


Wondering (very much) why the prices for Boris’ Bikes are printed alongside each rack. Surely a brilliant opportunity missed for demand-based pricing (not to mention that if they do want to change the prices they’ll have to visit each and every rack)? Cheaper in the day time (to encourage tourists?), more expensive in the morning (to discourage commuters?) or entirely the other way round depending on the usage model and how things work out over the coming weeks and months.


Meanwhile the one I looked at was looping this message over and over again, despite there being no customer anywhere near.

I wonder if they’re using the StreetCar supply/demand forecasting engine to figure out where new bikes will be needed and where bikes will have to be transferred between during the day?

Still a huge fan of the idea and hoping that these are just teething troubles.

Diet Running


A full day of fly fishing yesterday … caught some fish … ate the same fish that evening (surely as fresh as they come) … accompanied with fine Burgundy … ran 5km this morning

Not typically good preparation for a run you’d imagine

But I took 30 seconds off last week’s 5km race at Parkrun.

There must be something to the wine and fish diet – I even took the long way home and ran another 15km.

Art of the Possible

I’ve passed this building several times in the last few weeks


I’m keen to go in and find out what they do. And, especially, to ask why this kind of study wasn’t around when I was at school.

Meeting Output

Why is a whiteboard something like this so common in meeting rooms?


It seems to me that all meetings start off with good intentions – people want structure and note-taking and discipline. Quickly, that all falls away. And what’s left is like the imprint in rock of a long dead animal – evidence that something was there, some flash of inspiration, the remnants of a desire for that structure. Not, though, enough to see the DNA of the meeting and determine actually what went on.

This text was still on the whiteboard 3 days later when I was back in the same meeting room. I hope someone will use it soon.