Cornering The Highlighter Market

A highlighter alert from an occasional contributor, Matthew:


Presumably all yellow highlighters from the lower floors have already been collected and sold on eBay to contribute to the cost save target?

And a chart from the same source


What’s different times 2 indeed …

The Spending Challenge


HMT are going to be working hard over the next few weeks … they say they’re up to 18,000 suggestions for the Spending Challenge.

Whilst reluctant to suggest a Downing Street Petitions type site (much as I loved it), fearing too many votes for “Abolish tax”, “Pay Ministers Nothing” or “Scrap the Department of X” … But …

This kind of idea volume could be dealt with through the over-used crowd sourcing with the best couple of hundred ideas being worked up by whoever wants to work on them, aided by government insiders (who would know the data that would be needed), leading to ideas that were implementation-ready far sooner than they might otherwise be. And, perhaps, a ready and able gang of volunteers who could help manage and monitor them through the delivery process.

Anyway, I submitted that idea under the label of “not really a cost save …”

Has $RIMM lost the plot?

RIMM make the blackberry. On their quarterly earnings call, the CEO was asked how they could gain market share from Apple. This was the response:

Be careful about [your] implicit assumptions in your question, or shall I say your explicit assumptions in your question. Yes, I think you guys will just have to watch and see what the plans are. I think there’s a lot of implicit and explicit assumptions that maybe should be examined. Part of that is the question of how much does — how powerful is their innovation is a good question. What’s the timing of it is a good question.

That’s all clear then.
(From Silicon Alley Insider)

A Rare Example of Apple Reuse?

Lesson number 1,482 … never throw away an Apple iPhone dock.


Not only do several versions from the universal dock collection above work, but so does the original iPhone dock and, even better, the dock that was designed to accommodate the iPhone and the bluetooth headset (short lived – in every sense – as it was).

My guess, then, is the iPhone 5 will go back to the dock used by the 3GS …