iPad in Demand … and Vodafone can’t cope

Surely they’ve learned how to handle these events by now (from Macworld):

Vodafone is struggling to activate iPad 3G Micro Sim devices due to overwheleming demand for the device.

A Vodafone call centre told us that “the server has now been down for a couple of hours” and that they cannot currently activate any Micro Sim devices bought todayOwners of iPad devices in the UK must purchase the Micro Sim separately, and three operators are offering Micro Sims alongside the iPad (Vodafone, O2, and Orange) with a fourth network, Three, selling Micro Sim cards independently.

O2 is the only service that can be activated from within the iPad itself, Orange and Vodafone customers must phone the Vodafone call centre to activate the card.

It appears that Vodafone has struggled due to the demand. The call centre is closing at 8pm today and unless it gets its system online will not be able to activate any 3G cards for iPad owners.

ParkRun 5km

I ran my first parkrun today, at the invitation of my friend Paul. Every Saturday up to a couple of hundred people do a brisk 5km run in Richmond Park (there are many locations – check this page for one near you).

It was a fun race in a beautiful park. Organisation is handled entirely by volunteers who are plainly well practiced – things ran without a hitch today. It’s also entirely free – and there are t-shirts when you complete multiple races (10 for juniors, 50, 100 and 250). There were a few people with 100 club shirts on today.

Paul was way quicker than I was, so now I have a target to beat. I completed the course in 23:35, Paul was about 90 seconds quicker. From the graph below, you’ll see that I’m very much a downhill runner.


Paul is looking to organise a parkrun in Battersea Park (which would have two benefits for me – it’s nearer and much flatter) – so if that’s something that would interest you, get in touch with me and I’ll connect you.

I (x) Adobe

A couple of weeks ago I questioned whether Adobe really did (heart) Apple … and noted that whilst I’d just installed Elements 8, I hadn’t actually tried to run it. I just did. This is what greeted me:


Followed by this after trying again … the fabled 150:30 error … see below for the Adobe-published solution for Mac and Windows:


Now I know that they totally don’t get Mac users. I don’t have an IT administrator!

And then this when I tried to uninstall


Why would firefox running stop an uninstall?

The web is full of tales of woe regarding the error 150:30. I am not alone.

For those who experience the same error, here’s what Adobe say you need to do:

Solution 1: Apply the Licensing Service Update

  1. Close any Adobe applications.
  2. Download the Licensing Service Update.
  3. Run the License Service Update.
    1. Extract the LicenseRecovery109.zip.
      Important: A utility such as WinZip must be used to extract the contents on the zipped file.
    2. Double click LicenseRecover.exe.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions.
  5. Start your Adobe application.

    Important: The patch applies to Creative Suite 3 or 4 products, Acrobat 8 or 9, Photoshop Elements 6, 7 or 8, Director, and Technical Communication Suite.  If your issue was not resolved on the first attempt, run the patch again and enter option 0, when prompted to do so. If the issue persists after you run the patch a second time, proceed to Solution 2: Set the FLEXnet Licensing Service to Manual and Start the service.

I like that last bit … it’s a bug that hasn’t been fixed in the last 3 versions of software and sometimes takes 2 or even 3 goes to fix it using the licensing repair tool (which I’m downloading now and is 40MB). Almost entirely completely BAFFLING.
Just to reassure you … you will be greeted by this
Do not be alarmed. But do make sure you have closed any Adobe applications, including Acrobat and so on.

I’ve had to run it twice so far with a reboot inbetween.I haven’t seen anything like this since I last saw a Unix prompt. 1987 I think that was.

And it still gives the same 150:30 error. Poor.

Greek Tragedy

As seen at Sotheby’s … brilliant humour or complete accident?


Again she plunges! hark! a second shock Bilges the splitting vessel on the rock; Down on the vale of death, with dismal cries, The fated victims shuddering cast their eyes In wild despair; while yet another stroke With strong convulsion rends the solid oak: Ah Heaven!–behold her crashing ribs divide! She loosens, parts, and spreads in ruin o’er the tide.
Author: William Falconer