New Business Opportunity

Very soon MPs will no longer be able to hire members of their immediate family as part of their support team. So, within months, a couple of hundred people intimately familiar with the workings of parliament, &politics at a local and national level will be looking for work.

So the new business opportunity is to create an agency that supplies support staff for MPs – the first 100 hires will be the wives, daughters, sons and close relatives of MPs … they go back to work in Parliament, but not for their relatives.

The agency takes a spread and manages all the invoicing, time record checking and so on. Sounds simple. Someone is bound to do it.

2 thoughts on “New Business Opportunity

  1. It's so obvious that it demonstrates the absence of rigour from those 'journalists' that do nothing other than regurgitate Westminster's public relations spin.

  2. MPs with snouts in the trough, for sure they won't want to stop the scramble for cash despite the voter's opprobium. We voted for these scoundrels, just gutted to think the tories might get in. 

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