Nottingham Half Marathon Elevation and Course Map

I last ran the Nottingham Half in the run up to the New York Marathon in 2006. Here is the elevation profile.


The bars are the gradient, the line is the elevation (for reasons that are beyond me Rubitrack wants to make them both pretty much the same colour). There’s a pretty steep hill early on and then a much longer slower climb from 5km to 9km. The one that will probably hurt most is the one from 10km to just before 13km – that takes you up the hill to the University. It’s a great run – and the finish along the river is a welcome relief after the hills.


To all those running on September 13th 2009, good luck. The weather forecast for that day is saying pretty warm, around 20C, but perhaps some rain. In 2006, I ran it 1h 46m.

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