Charles Cox – An Update

A kind friend forwarded this news today, which I’d missed … from the LBC website:

Manslaughter In Soho

Police have charged a man with manslaughter after an incident in Soho.

Charles Cox was attacked in Wardour Street in November 2007 – he died at the beginning of this month.

35 year old Jeremy Mark Aylmer is due to appear before magistrates later.

According to the FSA website, he’s a trader presumably in the oil business:

3 thoughts on “Charles Cox – An Update

  1. Hello, have you heard any news on the trial of Jeremy Aylmer? I saw a few months ago online where a trial date was to be set on January 29, but can find no furthe info. Thx from a U.S. friend of Charles Cox.

  2. I'm sorry, I can't find any new information.    I've asked around – and I keep asking – but no one seems to know.  If I hear anything, I will post on this blog.

  3. I worked with and for Charles in Hoskyns in the 70s. A super boss and a charismatic leader.  A shame he has gone.

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