Spezify on e-Government

This both impressed me and disappointed me … it’s from a kind of search engine called Spezify. I wanted to be able to click on some of the results and find out where they were from.


For instance, there was this tweet “The UK e-Government agenda has been delivered on tactical infrastructure that will leave an unsustainable legacy for public sector services” … which I could only find by going to twitter and typing in some of the key words. It turns out to be from David Gale (who, based on his other tweets, you wouldn’t expect to be ruminating on government IT but what he says resonates with what I used to warn public sector conferences about 5 years ago).

But there’s something very clever about what Spezify does … I can’t think of why I’d want to use it often, but it’s impressive nonetheless.

3 thoughts on “Spezify on e-Government

  1. Yeah, I know what you mean. Its kind of neat and then you immediately want it to do a bit more intelligently. However it is another step on the journey to some kind of Augmented Reality or at least another level of context that one day could help…

  2. Maybe it's been updated as when I click on the results it tells you where they were from and gives you a button linking direct to the original content… 

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