Just How Many Webpages Does Government Have?

After yesterday’s post, Dan suggested that we count the number of instances of “gov” in domain names within the “gov.uk” universe. That seems pretty smart – there will doubtless be a few sites with “gov” in the main part of the URL but he doubts there are too many of those.

Doing that gives the following astonishing result:

200908051210.jpg 200908051210.jpg

Meaning, it would seem, that there are around 112,000,000 (112 million!) web pages within the .gov.uk domain.

If you do the same for .gov.us (or just .gov since the US is, unlike in every other area, silent on the web), you get 236,000,000

If you switch to French and use “.gouv” you get only 29,700,000 pages

Amazon, by the by, appears to have only 13,500,00 in the UK

Anyone care to contest the figures or have a better way of estimating page count?

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  1. Larks! I knew it was bad, but that bad? Looks like there's a fair more rationalisation required…

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