Great North Run Hills

I’ve seen a few searches land at this blog in the last couple of weeks looking for an elevation profile of the Great North Run (often with the search string “Great North Run Hills”, or “Great North Run elevation”). So here it is:


The line shows the elevation (on the outer axis), the bars show the gradient (on the inner axis). So you get a nice downhill run at the start which doesn’t feel so bad as it’s along the motorway – as you near the end around km 18 and 19, there’s what seems like a much steeper decline before you come into the final mile along the shore – the best bit of the race (once you get down the hill).

And, for good measure, here’s a course map for the Great North Run:


Hope this is useful.

3 thoughts on “Great North Run Hills

  1. I've reposted perhaps a better image on the blog here got the data from my Garmin 305 importing it into Rubitrack to get the profile.Appreciate that these still aren't very high resolution – if you get in touch with me via linkedin or facebook I can email you a better version if that would be useful Jon.Are you running this year?

  2. Ah great, thanks for this. Sorry for the delay in replying I thought I'd get an e-mail notification 😉  Will look you up on Facebook for a higher-resolution pic 🙂 Yes I will be running it this year! Quite looking forward to it. Are you doing it again?

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