From Open to Online to Direct

In honour of breaking 10 million visits a month I’ve trawled through some old presentation slides to find images of its predecessors: the original much loved and much mourned (by some), some iterations of and finally the first image of

Apologies for the image quality on some of these – they’re swiped from small images on powerpoint slides for which the source images are long since lost.

1) (From February 2000 although this existed in at least 1997 and probably before) … this is the departmental index page. I took this from the way back machine which doesn’t seem to store images (or, if it does, I couldn’t get them to show)


2) The original (from February 2001 when BT developed it)


3) An update – from October 2001 – when we’d figured out that search really was important and shouldn’t be hidden one page down and had also introduced registration


4) A fully refreshed design, developed by Sapient, and put live in early 2002


5) The homepage shortly after launch, in mid-2004


6) The homepage from January 2007


7) And, finally, today, mid-May 2009


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