Domain Renewal Group Scam?

Just had a nicely worded letter from a company called “Domain Renewal Group” noting that my domain name is about to expire (it is) and that I can “take advantage” of best savings by switching to them.

So not really a scam – if you read the text properly they leave an ample trail that I’ll actually be switching domain registrars if I use them. On the assumption that they’d continue to manage the domain – and the web stories on this are unclear so perhaps they will, perhaps they won’t – then the only question is whether this is cost effective. It isn’t – there’re more than twice the price that I pay currently.

Beware … always read the fine print. Domain Renewal Group may not be all they appear to be. And they certainly charge more than you need to pay.

3 thoughts on “Domain Renewal Group Scam?

  1. also received letter from Domain Renewal Group.  I'd like to say that I recognized that this was a scam right away, but I didn't.  It sat on my desk for several days, and I was a little suspicious.   I hope that I helped someone not get hooked.  Pitch it in the trash! 

  2. I also received the same nastly  letter from  \” DOMAIN  RENEWAL  GROUP \”Even, if it not  \” really a scam \”, as you say, it is however an attempt to beguile people, by using nasty methods, such as ,\” please answer before…  bla  bla… July 2009  … otherwise you might loose your  Domain name \”.This  – of course – is not true, because  the webmaster in question  ( myself ) is  \” lodged \” with another company,and therefore  \” Domain  Renewal  Group \” as No legal right ton interfere into a private contarct between I and thesaid Company who is in charge of my Domain name.In France, such an action might be prosecuted ! ! ! !Will see  ! !With best regardsOGERAU – SOLACROUP  de  LADEVIE

  3. If you have been ripped of by DOMAIN RENEWAL GROUP, file a complaint. *call the office of the New York Attorney General at, 1800 771 7755 make your verbal complaint and follow instructions.

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