Fleet of Foot

Yesterday was the Fleet Half Marathon … a small race, some 2000 strong. It’s a leafy, pleasant course mostly along quiet back streets with a few parts through residential areas near the centre of town. Given that it was a pretty warm day yesterday – sunny enough for me to go a cool pink – the shade was welcome. I ran 1h 47m 46s according to the official clock.

Race Fleet Half Marathon 15-03-2009.jpg

My game plan was to run a steady race with an even pace around 5 min/km … Here’s the pace graph:

Race Fleet Half Marathon 15-03-2009, Pace.jpg

If I add elevation to that then it looks like I was slower going uphill than down, albeit the hills were long and slow rather than short and steep. That’s expected, but I was just hunting for some reasons around the variances

Race Fleet Half Marathon 15-03-2009, Pace and elev.jpg

And when you compare this to the last half marathon I ran, at the Royal Parks in October last year

Royal Parks Half Marathon 12-10-2008, Pace.jpg

Then I think I achieved what I set out to do – a steady pace with no dramatic slowdown in the second half. That said, I don’t think I could have done another lap in a similar time. And yet in 41 days, that’s what I’ll have to do!

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