Change Is Rife … no URL needed


So cool we don’t need no URL? Absurd text speak aside, I loved the morphalike / Mr Men advert – which you can find on youtube.

What intrigued me was that the print ads just say “search change4life” …

is that an admission that the bulk of Internet users still just head to google/windows live/askjeeves and type whatever they’re looking for into the box?

Or is it more of a, you know, statement … who needs to publish a URL when it’s obvious how to find it if you’re part of the ‘net generation

Perhaps a bit sadly,’s search engine takes you to a November press release about the site, not straight to the site itself.

If you mistype and go for “changeforlife” … you get a whole different kind of self help.

2 thoughts on “Change Is Rife … no URL needed

  1. This seems to part of the struggle for government (or in this case the NHS) to not want to appear to be \’big brother\’ when dealing with the individual and corporate partners (such as Tesco etc.) – For those fed up searching … try – its part of the fantastic NHS Choices service (even if I do say so myself.)

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