Are You Integrated

I came across this sign this week – on a hoarding just opposite Parliament.

200901171701.jpg I was in intrigued by the spelling of their name – “intergrated” rather than the expected “integrated”

And also by the, I imagine, deliberate change of colour for the “i” and the “r” – perhaps some play on the word “infrared” when applied to matters of security?

I looked them up today – if you type in “integrated security” on google, you get over 15 million hits (as well as the obvious “did you mean ‘integrated security’?” question at the top of the response list). Putting the two words in quotes reduces the count to 1.2m.

The first on the list is “Intergrated Security Management“, who whilst plainly being Integrated, have managed to have a list of Integrated Partners. Partners Integrated With Intergrated one assumes.

The company from the sign has only a placeholder website promising an update soon – although like the “back in 10 mins” sign in a shop window, it’s unclear when the page was first put there.

So are we to think that all of these hundreds of thousands of people can’t spell? I couldn’t find a trace of a confession – something like “hey, when we registered the company name, we were drunk and mistyped it and so we’re stuck with it now.” Some would say I have too much time on my hands I guess.

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