Things You Didn’t Think You’d Hear in 2008

Apart from “Barack Obama elected” and “Lehman collapses” … Lyocs lives?

The FT carried a story yesterday where they noted that Apple’s performance in the holiday season was looking strong …


200812231352.jpgWho even knew that Lycos was still around? I’m sure you’ll remember their catchy tagline “meet you there” along with the dog logo. I didn’t. Do you think they put a press release out saying “hey, we’re still here and did you know that both of our users searched for ipods in december?”

According to its own top 50 list, the top 10 didn’t include Apple or iPod or anything similar. Few of the top ten (and not even many in the top 50 made any connection with me – I guess I don’t know my Clay from my Holly, let alone my Ivy). Apple did make it in at Number 30 though.

200812231358.jpgOne of the odd things about the Internet is still seeing domain names high up in the list of searched items – in this case YouTube and Facebook. Many zillions of people must have google or, who’d have thought, Lycos (!) set as their home page and so navigate to every other page through the search bar.

Barack Obama made it in at No 26, ahead of Apple of course and way behind both Angelina Jolie and Sarah Palin (wouldn’t have thought you’d have had both of those in the same sentence either). John McCain was in at 43 – who said search engines can’t predict election results.

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