More flipchart signz

From Dan, comes this brilliant example of a flipchart that means nothing to you unless you were in the room at the time (and I’m not even sure it would have meant much even then)


Not Box Office but “Box office” … light and shade … not shock and awe (or sock and awe as it’s become known … and then … the one that throws all vaguely possible sensible interpretations away “too much information”

2 thoughts on “More flipchart signz

  1. Have you notice how white board pens get lonely and want a piece of the flipchart action? Must be a law of presentations that dry and permanent will intermingle. Bit like beetroot\’s attraction to laundered white shirts.

  2. i never really understood why dry markers and permanent markers were allowed in the same room – it was always an invitation to make permanent marks on the whiteboard. given that dry pens work fine on flipcharts, why not just have those?doesn\’t solve your beetroot problem but that\’s what they invented bibs for

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