British Summer Time


I rained the Nike+ 10k Human Steeplechase last night. Did I say “rained” … I meant swam – the puddles were that deep in places – and ran. If they’d given me a bike at 5km they could have called it a triathlon. It’s a testament to British hardiness that so many people showed up, despite the weather forecast – I would say pretty near the full complement of 30,000 were there.

At a guess, 50% of the people there hated the concert stuff – they were there to run after all, and the other 50% loved it and stayed near the front of the stage. How often do you get to be 10′ from Moby or Pendulum (who?).

But I suspect everyone thought it all dragged on for too long – most people where there well before 6pm and the first runners left the stadium around 7.15pm or even 7.30pm – the last runners probably didn’t get out for at least another hour. During the music, the weather was clear. Just as the klaxon to start went off, the heavens opened and the rain fell pretty much non-stop for the rest of the race.

Photo: from the Nike+ website

6 thoughts on “British Summer Time

  1. The youtube suggested a dark and wet course round the industrial park, strange that Nike should juxtaposition two very different experiences. Perhaps Ikea should have co-sponsored itDid Nike lose their way this year and ignore the runner\’s experience and what happened to your knee?Can\’t make head or tail of the stats or why Taipai did so well.

  2. Stranger still, the Taipei average stats have dropped overnight from 45mins average run to 72mins and they are no longer first. London is now second in their league.Total Distance shows ~5M Km, so at 10K a run that seems short of their claim of 1M runners still.

  3. Are you going to post your GPS monitor data, what did it show about the course and your marathon preparation?

  4. Anon … knee is in good shape. it seems to be handling distances up to 14km, but i\’m a lot slower than i was a couple of years ago so far. i think they did forget the runner\’s experience. unless a wet sunday in wembley is all part of that.Alf, i don\’t think i\’ll be counting this as a run towards the marathon prep – i ran with some friends who wanted some help getting round, so we took it gently. i have the royal parks half in 5 weeks or so – that will be a really good test and i\’ll post that data. i\’m expecting to get that done in a little over 2 hours.

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