5 thoughts on “Local Attractions Redefined

  1. I hear Dr Pepper are also doing a special offer on their RC Cola and you can get a free upgrade to super size if you buy it with a Mighty Beef Pizza Pizza topping, fries, cheesy bites, and finish up with a Banaoffee Pie.Although I prefer their Warm Cookie Dough over Banoffee Pie myself.

  2. all of these culinary delights await me on this trip? gosh, how will i ever come back to english normality? or as near as i was before.

  3. Wendy\’s? Jack in the box? What?Big cahuna burger.I\’m sure you\’ll be twice the man you were.Reminds me of a visit to Rome, one of the many times I proposed to my wife. There was this yank couple in there, the equivalent of the brit football hooligan. They had one night in Rome. Where did they go?That\’s right. The Hard Rock Cafe.I. (despair)

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