4 thoughts on “As Seen in Paris

  1. Cool photo, can\’t read sign. From October, the 911 GT3 RS will be launched on the European market. This purist variant of the GT3 is particularly suited to use on the track, and stands out due to its performance and the undiluted driving experience of a racing car. The exceptionally high-revving engine of the RS has a displacement of 3.6-litres and produces 305 kW (415 bhp) at 7,600 rpm. The maximum engine speed is 8,400 rpm.

  2. Who cares how fast it is? Over 150 mph, it\’s all looks on the road.This is why, I, smashed and hardly able to type, still have every magazine reporting the Ferrari GTO, (i.e. the 288 in unofficial parlance.)God I\’m drunk.I.

  3. Ok, but some of us are sober when we blog and take an interesting in the Ferrari. The GTO was engineered by Ferrari F1 designer Harvey Postlethwaite and was virtually another car under the skin – only the side windows and some switch gears were shared. Suspect this hedge fund manager, just didn\’t care that the chassis was tubular space frame, but it was covered and strengthened by a bodywork made of aerospace materials like carbon-fiber, Kevlar, aluminum honeycomb and Nomex composites. Anyway, where is that can of Superstrength.Hic!

  4. wow … a car club forms within this blog. if i had the money, i\’d take a look at the new Audi R8, aluminium honeycomb not withstanding.

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