Marathon Ballots

As if we needed any more evidence that the online world reshapes everything, how about this screen shot from the London Marathon site:


I think I liked the old way where you had a few months to figure out whether you were up for it, get some training in over the summer, fill in the forms (that were liberally dispersed around sports shops throughout the UK) and then post it. Some time in December you’d hear if you had a place. Then you’d get your winter warmer running gear on and pound the streets.

With this new process, they really have no excuse for not telling you in the next 5 days whether you have a place, giving you a whole year to get yourself in gear for running it. Of course, for those who delayed a few days or who haven’t got as far in their do list as planning for next year, this will come as a disappointment.

The message is clear though – if you have even half an idea of running the London Marathon 2009, you’d better be online at exactly 9am on 21st April, else you’re going to have to work your charity contacts.

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