London Marathon 2008

The top three finished inside the London course record, making for 3 of the fastest marathons ever. 1100 people finished inside 3 hours; I’m guessing there were a lot of personal bests run today. For those running, the weather was probably just right: a little cold, some moderate rain and almost no wind. For those at the finish line, me included, there was a little too much rain.

Martin Lel turns the final corner and opens up into an incredible sprint to the finish:

lelopensup.jpg lel1.jpg

Finishers 3 and 4.


First Brit home, Dan Robinson (2h 13m), in the right hand picture

wanjiru1.jpg firstbrithome1.jpg

Liz Yelling coming home in a great time (2h 28m) … and another Brit, Lucy Hasell (2h 40m) clearly feeling the pain

nearlythereyelling1.jpg nearlythereyelling2.jpg aintnopain.jpg

Some more early finishers … nice tattoos on the right (plus looking very relaxed, compared with the folks on the left)

sprintforit.jpg nicearms.jpg

Geta Wami, second in New York last year, 3rd this time in 2h 25m; James Cracknell going sub 3, no matter the effort required

whenitrains.jpg cracknellsub3.jpg

I thought that it was the end for this lady as she collapsed at my feet. Some quick hamstring massage and she was on her way again, finishing in less than 3h 30m, despite the fall.

dontstopnow.jpg uhohnotthisway.jpg

Three wheels good; First Elvis home, sub 3 hours

3wheelsgood.jpg firstelvis.jpg

Who needs wheels when you have arms that can carry you over the line. This guy stopped 20 yards short, pushed his wheelchair over the line and walked on his hands across the line in under 2 hours,


What the marathon is all about … got to reach the finish, no matter what. Feels Like Team Spirit as the song might have gone.

youknowithurts.jpg feelsliketeamspirit.jpg

Martin Lel, powering to the finish in a new course record. My favourite picture of the day.


Fantastic event, great organisation. I’m hoping to be there next year. Maybe.

2 thoughts on “London Marathon 2008

  1. I just CANNOT believe the speeed they\’re still running at the end. That\’s a 17.81 second 100 metres. I could easily beat this at school, but he did 4,208 of them, consecutively.I.

  2. Great shots. I live in Narrow Street and every year you mad people stop me getting out of my flat and buzz me with helicopters. Mind you after all the mess at 3pm in the afternoon I leave at 6-30 this morning and it\’s all cleared up…as if you hadn\’t all run passed and woken me up on a Sunday morning…next year maybe?..ha!…By the way this year is the 27th year I haven\’t run the Marathon

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