Shoot for the moon, collaboratively

I’ve wondered for ages what the meaning of the graph is in this shot of a whiteboard, taken some months ago. I’m guessing “collab” is short for “collaboration” and is not actually C.O.L. Lab or somesuch acronym. The natural assumption is that the x-axis is time (inception, project, BAU run left to right in time). The y-axis baffles me. Productivity? Cost? A lapse in concentration by whoever drew it? Running into a wall?


Suggestions appreciated.

8 thoughts on “Shoot for the moon, collaboratively

  1. It\’s amazing what you can get away with using visuals. Looks more like cognitive therapy for the speaker than educating the audience.

  2. Rotate 90 deg counter clockwise. I think it\’s the start of a sketch of half a vase next to a wall?!?

  3. The abscissa is the time leading up to the descent into the Alma Tunnel, and the ordinate is the reading from the G force meter of the Mercedes S280.I.

  4. My suggestion is that you should find better things to wonder about.But if you must … maybe the y axis is, itself, \’collaboration\’ between a project team and a customer team, i.e. lots of working together durinf the inception and early design phases of a project, tailing off then picking up again when the thing is put into service. That last hump is presumably what they forgot to schedule in for the baggage system at T5 πŸ™‚

  5. Frank … not bad. you might be right on both counts (better things to wonder about and collaboration). As to T5, glad I\’m not flying this weekend

  6. It is clear. It is the price of government IT contracts during the bid period where it is negotiated down pre signing with the huge jump occuring 0.0000001 seconds after the ink is dry post signing.

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