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This blog has moved

If you’ve arrived at this page then hopefully it’s because you’ve seen the redirect instructions for the new homepage for my blog or you’ve been automatically redirected.

I’ve had many problems in the last few months publishing to this blog – which is created using Google’s Blogger application and then FTP’d to my domain name from within Blogger – and this is at least part of the excuse for so few posts recently (the main part of the excuse being that I haven’t written any other ones of course).

The web is full of threads from people upset that FTP no longer seems to work consistently when using Blogger, irrespective of which domain provider or host service you use. For me, “inconsistent” means it works one time in fifty or so. No one seems to know what the problem is and, despite plenty of forum questions, Google don’t seem to have acknowledged the issue – I’m sure they have plenty of other things on their minds and will get to this sometime.

For now then, to get around this, I’ve created a new subdomain and my blog is now set up there, using Blogger’s custom domain feature (which just needed me to set up a cname alias to point to google).

I’m redirecting from the old blog using an HTML redirect which doesn’t seem as good as a 301 redirect (so people tell me) but I haven’t managed to get that to work. So it would be great if you could update your references to this blog:

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