When things work … and when they don’t

Yesterday, I had a “blue screen of death” on my recently upgraded to Vista laptop.  I guess the laptop did what it was supposed to do: the screen went blue, then filled with a load of hex numbers as it dumped cores or something and then it rebooted.  So far, so part of history.  The surprise came when, after the reboot, a dialogue box popped open and asked me if I wanted Windows to fix the problem.  Sure, why not?  How nice to be asked.

Windows said that there was a problem with my NVIDIA graphics driver (I had no idea I even had one) and provided a helpful link to their site.  At the site, NVIDIA asked which graphics card I had (still no idea) but offered an option for it to find out.  An applet was duly downloaded that found out what it was but sadly (I’m sure it was sadly) informed me that it was a custom driver for a Sony laptop and I’d have to go to that site.

Another link followed, a driver successfully found (actually lots of drivers related to Vista and my laptop).  None of them would download however – bizarre error messages in the middle of the download saying “not a valid filetype” kept appearing.  I left some feedback on the site to say there was a problem.

This morning, the download worked fine and my NVIDIA graphics driver has been successfully updated.  Let’s hope that’s the end of that blue screen.  Now, if I could just get the laptop to turn off the bluetooth light that has stayed permanently on ever since I upgraded to Vista, even though I have deinstalled the bluetooth drivers.

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  1. Alan – I cant believe that you\’ve not posted today commenting on why in the great e-age, govt depts have resorted to sharing data on CD!Looking forward to your thoughts. DC

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