Online Services – Voter Registration

Today’s error trying to get my voter registration sorted on my local council’s website:

Microsoft VBScript runtime error ‘800a01f4’

Variable is undefined: ‘sql’

/CXfinalconfirm.asp, line 31

Funny. I don’t even know what that means of course.  You’d have thought that would have come up in testing.  There isn’t, though, a “report this bug” to me button.  Even better, given they have my voter number, how about they auto-mailed me to say that they’d seen the problem and would fix it and let me know when to come back and try again? Bound to be my fault of course – silly me using a Mac and Firefox.

2 thoughts on “Online Services – Voter Registration

  1. I\’m just an novice developer but to me that looks like an error in the code, not anything relating to your Mac or Firefox — making it even more heinous.

  2. Ah. I\’ve got used to blaming the tech that sits in front of me – so many sites have questioned my use of firefox in the past. nice to know that it\’s not my fault – and such a powerful word \”heinous\”

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