– Everything you wanted to know but were afraid to ask


DSC00001If you’ve arrived at this page and you’re not a regular reader, it’s probably because you’ve typed “” into google or some other search engine (I’d give good odds it was google though) and found that this site has 2 of the top 10 results. But it isn’t what you want.

Here are some alternative links to try that I think will get you closer to what you need:

  1. Dubai’s “Official Portal of Government”, in arabic
  2. The same site, in English,
  3. A page on visa requirements (English),
  4. Flight information for Dubai’s international airport (English),
  5. Sheikh Mohammed’s own website (English),
  6. The UAE’s e-government website (English),
  7. The UAE’s e-government website (Arabic), – if you compare these 2 sites, you’ll see that the entire arabic site is right justified. Nice touch, obvious I suppose when you think about it.

I hope that helps you with whatever you were looking for when you inadvertently landed at this site.

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  1. salam e lekum..Dear sir i was working in sharjah u.a.e for qgm group l.l.c hamriya freezone,,my passport No is A8399988 id no (499)-168 but this company is using CIA scanner and using digital ids and disclosing all bank accounts transactions of pepoples in dubai & sharjah…

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