Gerry McGovern says …

DSCN0237 (Custom) “Personalization is like building one of those fancy super-yachts. It’s fun, it cool, it’s a challenge. But employees are drowning in a sea of unusable applications, PDFs, and badly written, out-of-date content. They need a life buoy, not a yacht.”

I still read Gerry’s weekly email bulletin, but came across his blog today. I love the way he simplifies things – like this line

“Part of the reason is that as writers we are often too precious about our trade. We are loath to admit that there are formulas. In fact, to say that writing is formulaic is a criticism, not a complement.  You wouldn�t criticise a headache tablet for being formulaic.”

Or how about this “Your intranet can be a goldmine, so don�t sell it like a coalmine.”

Great stuff!

2 thoughts on “Gerry McGovern says …

  1. If senior mgrs didn\’t like formulaic writing then PA Consulting would not be training all its staff in Barbara Minto\’s Pyramid Principle! I think the problem is more down the line, where employees prefer stream of consciousness emails and trite powerpoints in place of structured content and oratory.

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