Just booking some flights on ba.com, I’ve come to the penultimate stage – entering my personal details.  I’m used to picking from Mr, Mrs and Miss in the “title” pulldown.  BA plainly have a very different class of customer travelling with them.  Their list includes Alderman, Baron, Comtessa, Group Captain, Her Highness and over 150 other choices including various foreign language equivalents.   It becomes quite a chore looking for “Mr” in a list that long.  As I scrolled down, I briefly found myself wondering whether choosing something other than plain boring old “Mr” might enhance my chances of an upgrade or just result in me being stopped at immigration for impersonating an officer/countess/baron or other noble person.

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  1. Hahahha! That\’s what I\’ve done on the website I\’m working on at the moment…SELECT [TitleId] ,[Title] FROM [Users].[dbo].[UserTitle]TitleId Title———– ————————————————–1 Dr2 Mr3 Mrs4 Ms5 Miss6 Sir7 Bishop8 Reverend9 Queen10 Lady11 King12 Prince13 Princess14 Archduke15 Duke16 Count17 Contessa18 Viscount19 Dowager20 Baron21 Baroness22 Baronet23 Lord24 Prime Minister25 President100 OtherExcuse the rank order if they\’re wrong, I couldn\’t put them in correctly.I.

  2. 150 options! And one of them really is \”Her Highness\”? It sounds like the work of a disgruntled memebr of staff on his/her last day in post.Can\’t beleive BA are serious about this.

  3. who gives a damn about a web data input. What about your carbob footprint you bugger. Have you netted them off or do we blame you still for the floods?

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