So which do you suffer from …

iphoria or iphobia?

The web is resounding with talk on the iphone:

Walt Mossberg: “a beautiful and breakthrough handheld computer”

Newsweek: “a significant leap � a superbly engineered, cleverly designed and imaginatively implemented approach”

USA Today: “a prodigy � a slender fashion phone, a slick iPod and an Internet experience unlike any before it”

New York Times: “the most sophisticated, outlook-changing piece of electronics to come along in years”

So that’s 4 iphoriacs and no iphobians

But, rely on engadget for a more balanced view.  Some of the things that you can’t do with the iphone are really quite stunning:

image – No MMS (so no sending photos by text? good job the camera is pretty average)

– No video recording (huh?)

– No voice dialing (Voice dialing isn’t something I’ve ever got excited about though)

  • – Battery life of 300-400 charges before needing to be sent away to be replaced (at a cost!).  I guess this means “full charges”, but I wonder what their life expectation in years based on charging every day or every other day?

– The OS takes 700mb of available memory (make sure you buy the bigger version)

– New wifi networks are announced every time they’re encountered (most people will, I imagine, turn off wifi unless they need it, that’s how I do it on the phone I have now)

– No ringtones from MP3 (wait for the downloadable ringtones you’ll have to pay for)

– No support for Flash (so no youtube?)

– No cut/copy/paste of text (maybe the multi-touch movement for “cut” looked too odd?)

And … no stereo bluetooth … so you’ll have to stick to the white wire headphones (maybe they should have used a different colour for the phone so that people would know it was an iphone and not just an ipod?)

Still want one? Of course you do. They’re going to sell millions and millions purely on the back of those pullout quotes above. I know I still want one. But I think it’s safe to short the stock …

4 thoughts on “So which do you suffer from …

  1. What a strange thing to do, Americans don\’t really understand GSM do they? Sounds like its worth waiting for iPhone2 if this one is so neutered.Wonder why its only half a phone?

  2. You\’re right, GSM hasn\’t caught on. Mainly I think because CDMA was a US invention (Qualcomm). But GSM just isn\’t widespread and nor are 3G networks on any of the standards. Plus, 3G chews up the battery. Apple will have to sort that out before they come to Europe I guess.So iphone/2 or i/2phone?And I\’ve been advised I should have gone for iphilia, not iphoria (I was playing on euphoria of course)

  3. On reflection, this is as much about the Next Generation iPod as a last generation iPhone. It is loveSexy, Prada like, and you won\’t miss a shag compared to bringing out a Palm, Crackberry or Nokia N-whatever at the club.Taking your theme, here is what MacWorld reckons, but now you have point out the dead-ends, I won\’t be getting a iPhone any time soon, but I might as my iPod upgrade, or is that the same difference, d\’oh!=== MacWorld ===10 things Apple got right with the iPhone1. The display, the display, the display. Everything looks good on it.2. The menu design: It’s simple and clean, and the home screen icons look like so much eye candy.3. Fingertip navigation, zooming and scrolling that\’s intuitive, effective and fast.4. Video playback that’s so good you can tell when you’ve done a sub-par job of ripping your movies.5. Visual voicemail lets you get to the calls you care about faster.6. Great integrated applications, including Google Maps, YouTube, and a world clock that packs a timer, stopwatch and multiple alarms.7. Cover Flow. It’s incredibly fun to choose your music by visually flipping through album art.8. It’s tough: Our initial stress tests suggest that the iPhone is more durable than you might expect for such a sleek handset.9. The first Apple music player with a built-in speaker – and it’s not half bad for a phone.10. No disconcerting “do not disconnect” messages when syncing with a PC.10 things Apple got wrong1. We want our AOL Instant Messaging – and Yahoo and MSN IM clients, too. What about MMS support for sending picture mail?2. No voice recording – and more importantly, no voice dialing support. How are you supposed to use an iPhone with a hands-free car kit?3. It’s the most locked-down phone we’ve ever seen. Not only can you not swap out the AT&T SIM card for one from another network, you can’t even swap it out foranother AT&T SIM card.4. AT&T is building out its mobile broadband network, but iPhone users are stuck with older EDGE technology – or battery-consuming Wi-Fi.5. You know those great headphones you already own? They won’t fit the iPhones headset jack, so your first iPhone accessory will be a bulky, ugly $10 adapter.6. The software keyboard invites typos – but when you’re entering passwords there’s no way of telling whether you’ve got them right.7. It’s great that the iPhone can reorient pages in Safari, CoverFlow, and the photo album, but why not extend that capability to other apps such as e-mail? Some messages could benefit from a widescreen display. And even when it does reorient, it doesn’t always follow through with all features: CoverFlow loses access to the volume slider, for example.8. No support for custom ringtones, surprising in a music phone.9. The camera’s rudimentary, with no audio/video or even zoom capability.10. To to-do list support, a basic in most calendar applications.

  4. It\’s just like any other iDevice. I\’ll bet you\’ll not find out that you can\’t export its contents to anything else, for a couple of months.This is fashion at its best.

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