British Scheduling

Only we Brits could ensure that the Wimbledon finals, the British Grand Prix, Live Earth, Henley Regatta, the 3rd one day cricket match with the West Indies and the start of the Tour de France all take place on the same weekend, 7th/8th July 2007.

Alternatively, this could be the biggest test of UK logistics ever seen, getting us into practice for the 2012 Olympics.  With 200,000 expected to go to Silverstone, 70,000 to Live Earth, a million or more lining the streets of London for the TdF and then a few thousand more at Henley, Wimbledon and so on, you couldn’t ask for a better test.  It’s putting an awful lot of eggs in a basket with 5 years to go; but, if you’re going to do that, then what better date to pick than the 2nd anniversary of the bombings.  London proves, as always, that it can rebound.

I hope it’s a sunny weekend.

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