Word of the Week – No. 2 in an occasional series

I’ve always hated the word “issuette.” Let’s face it, it’s not even a real word yet it seems to crop up increasingly in conversation with technical and non-technical people alike – even with people that I’d normally like and pay attention to (no names please): people who want to fess up to a problem, one that could be quite serious, but want to downplay it and convince you that they have it under control and that you shouldn’t actually worry about it (so why bring it up).

But this week, I was proffered the sentence (if that’s what you can call a string of words where at least two of the words within don’t exist) “We have a little issuette brewing so what I’ll do is write a short paperette.”

That was followed by “and, of course, the RFC is dependent on the TCP” … I’ll fetch the disinfectant.

3 thoughts on “Word of the Week – No. 2 in an occasional series

  1. I remember the first time I heard the word \”incentivise.\” I sat there thinking the marketing man was stuggling for a word, and was going to pause and then rephrase. I was just going to profer the word \”encourage\” and everyone else started nodding.Still, it\’s not like people don\’t invent words. George Bush senior said \”burglarised\” instead of \”burgled\” on national telly, and instead of everyone laughing at him, soon after Whoopee Goldberg in the film \”Burglar\” then had the line \”He wasn\’t laughing when I burglarised his house.\”That said, it\’s funny that George W Bush and Al, can invent words, convert Serbs into knowns, unnouns and vice versa, and brings laughs hence, but when Shakespeare did, twas thought he was a genius of verse. (Not that he stood tall, since none could be seen a great from a view of artful craft, this is daft.A subjective work, seen by subjective eyes, and types see what is popular – not great; it best be said that he was entertaining, not bad, not bard.)Were he that great, doubtless there\’d be shoulders left to stand on.

  2. \”We have a little issuette brewing so what I\’ll do is write a short paperette.\”Give me strength!

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