Word of the Week – No. 1 in an occasional series

This week’s most heard word has, without question, been “enjoy” – and, sadly, I don’t mean in the context of multiple fine dining experiences. I’ve been told that I enjoy receiving technical services, that I enjoy the benefit of partnership, that I enjoy the current operation and many other variations.

So far, I’ve not experienced any direct sense of enjoyment with any of these things. I’ve gone as far as to suggest that those who utter the word enjoy might find alternative employment at various restaurant chains in America.

Whilst I’m talking about words of the week, why is it that almost any technical word used in a sales pitch context means exactly the opposite of its traditional meaning in English?


A seamless transition means that nothing will work for a while afterwards, your users will tear their hair out and business will drop through the floor.

Instantaneous transfer means that whatever you’re sending disappears from where you last saw it (and had control over it) and instantly fails to arrive at its intended location, forcing hours or even days of fruitless searches.

And, lastly (for now), transformation means that everything stays the same only gets worse.

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  1. Who would have thought one of your heros would have been Diogenes too ?Remember enjoy IT.Wayne H.

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