Going Postal

Today’s post brought two items, the first, a renewal form for postal voting, the second a letter from The Electoral Commission, suggesting that “when [I] moved home, the chance are [I forgot] to take something with [me] … [my] right to vote.”

Odd to get those both at the same time. The difference? One is addressed to A Mather, the other to Mr Alan Mather. Is it not possible to run an even slightly fuzzy check to guess that those are the same person?

Incidentally, the postal voting renewal notes that the law has changed to make postal voting more secure, what with all the scandals last time round. The new measures? They want my signature and my date of birth. Accompanying that form was a survey, question 2 is “do you believe that these measures will make postal voting more secure”. With yes, no and don’t know available I was left wishing for a box that said “of course not, are you completely inept?”

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