Government Gateway is Six

The Gateway is 6 today. The last stats I saw, from October last year, show:
– Over 14 million transactions submitted
– Over 9.8 million individually registered users
– 30.72 million logons via the SOAP interface (as opposed to the Gateway’s own UI)
– 516,000 debit card transactions
– 10 departments, 13 agencies and 36 local authorities connected
– 110 separate services
HMRC (and specifically the “R” part) still contribute the vast bulk of the transactions and users but other services are picking up slowly.
I hear that January’s Self Assessment figures are somewhere near double those for last year which would make for perhaps 2.5 million online submissions, peaking at a couple of hundred thousand a day.

One thought on “Government Gateway is Six

  1. It scales quite well doesn\’t it?I remember going out to a Java house on Gateway\’s behalf, and sit quietly while your typical open source advocate** expounded how \”It used to be really slow when it was a Microsoft prototype but now they\’ve converted all the Back End to Oracle/Unix it performs much better.\”** Genuinely talented guy, and no doubt could get anything to work very fast on his own hardware, but like your old Professor, he stuck to what he knew. These people exist on both sides of the fence in my experience.Ian

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