New Year, New Start

I’m fiddling extensively with this blog over the next few days. It will probably yo-yo for a while and look quite weird until I get it right. Hopefully it shouldn’t take more than the weekend.

I’ve been using (now owned by Google) ever since I started my blog in late 2001. They’ve now upgraded some of their features but the best are only available if google themselves host the blog – I’ve always FTP’d mine to my own site. So now I’m moving the main site to a hosting provider and trying to find a way to get google to host just the blog. This is requiring messing around with domain names, DNS, Cnames, MX and all sorts of other things that I’ve never tried to understand. It’s taking some time but it should eventually make for a better blog.

Happy New Year!

Update 16.1.2007

This change isn’t working quite the way I had it planned. The domain names have shifted fine, as has my email (after a slightly twitchy 36 hour period where I wasn’t receiving email nor getting rejects from the cloud), but the cname switch to point at blogger/google hasn’t worked at all. Tech support think that cname’s have too many side effects but apparently I’m not technical enough to understand them. They think I should just point to a physical IP address, but what are the odds of that staying the same? I’m also uncertain if my blog is working quite the way it used to, but that will doubtless become clear in a few days.

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