I had dinner on Monday night with a newly minted senior chap at a major US-based technology company that you would instantly know. Sadly, it being the run up to the New York Marathon ‘n’ all, I wasn’t drinking. The name of the wine chosen for the rest of the table was, however, particularly apt.

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  1. Since you\’re such a high flyer can I get you to ask him for two things then?Firstly, since computers are so fast, we can\’t see whether something takes one millisecond to run, or one microsecond, thus determining the best way of assessing which of two bits of code with the same end result to use. Can we have some auto-instrumentation tool to diagnose speed please?Secondly, there\’s a joke that goes \”The average length of penis is 6 inches, and the average depth of vagina is 8 inches, thus in NY, there\’s 200 miles of unused vagina.\” By the same analogy, almost every machine I use has 100GB+ hard drive, and uses only <10% CPU, and is one of many, many, all interconnected, in different buildings in the same company. Can we therefore have a new windows service that takes a bit of space, and CPU and collaborates with the network (using big encryption natch) that raid 5s backups so we don\’t have to use dedicated backup servers. Think of the cost savings Bill!!!Hope you do well on the run BTW, one of my best friends (a famous cartoonist) bought it from the big C not so long ago.Regards,Ian

  2. You think he\’s got lots of material and ideas, you should work with him.Not that I want to make him big headed, but I sat in a meeting with him, and (an accountancy firm who shall remain nameless,) and he seemed to be just playing a video game at the end of the table. Suddenly, he made some comment that made it clear he\’d taken in literally everything that had been said, whilst he was doing something else.Women can do this multitasking thing, but the only other man I\’ve seen with this ability works in Bracknell at the moment, and is a very polished Harvard MBA french CEO, very distantly related to a cognac family.I.

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