Stock Tips, The Internet Way

You’ve got to read the odd spam email, every so often, just to see what’s the latest thing. This one, picked entirely at random, had me wondering. It’s sent as an image embedded in the mail rather than as text – I don’t think I’ve seen that before. Plainly that seems to stop the spam filter in its tracks. Outlook is pretty good – I lose about 95% of incoming spam between runbox (at the server end) and outlook (client end). Anyway, here are some excerpts (I only wish I could add in all the colours used throughout the message):

Get ARSS first thing Monday
If you’ve been alive over the last few years you know that any stock can move given the right circumstances
This is your chance to get in before it BLOWS

Who even knew there was a stock with the ticker ARSS. I had to check, just to see if it was real (and also to make sure I was nowhere near when ARSS decided to BLOW). Needless to say, the chart doesn’t make for pretty reading.

It goes on, in plain text:

The project work involved the expansion of the apron, the construction of an asphalt shoulder, associated drainage and electrical work and the replacement of airfield signage. That should mean something. php – FOR PERSONAL AND NON COMMERCIAL USE ONLY!
He was joined by local students and scientists at the unveiling of the seismograph showcase at the Geological Survey of Canada.
Monitor displays speed, distance, calories, and time to keep track of progress. There are still places in the Tampa Bay area that. Implant features circulo-trapezoidal neck design that allows for wide range of motion. Conformable, lightweight tape has passed primary skin irritation, cytotoxicity, and skin sensitization product safety testing and does not contain latex proteins. well enough to become a criminal.

And then ends, fittingly, with:

Is this a good idea or throwing good money after bad? how pathetically cute. com – all the latest news from EU.
how pathetically cute. You can preserve your capital and jump back in when stocks begin moving up.

I wonder if they spotted “throwing good money after bad” before they pasted in the random text?

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