I want my phone to …

… know who is calling me. I always reject calls where the number is with-held or where a number appears but I don’t have it in my contacts list. It’s the phone equivalent of a junk filter – you look at messages later because you didn’t recognise the address it was coming from.

So I’d like my phone whenever I call someone to send a little packet of information containing my name and my affiliation (could be company name or job title or even a zippy one line quote). The phone receiving the call would check the contacts list they had and if the number wasn’t there, would display the information I’d sent. Whoever I’m calling then has a little extra data to use to decide whether to take the call.

There’d be a one touch button to add this information to my contacts database for the next time the person called – if I wanted to. Or maybe even a one touch button to say “don’t accept calls from this person and divert them to a voice mail box that doesn’t take messages”.

I can’t imagine that this would be hard to build into phones. Plainly there’d have to be a standard but we managed GSM, we can send texts and even pictures between phones on different networks (I know we couldn’t at the beginning).

2 thoughts on “I want my phone to …

  1. I\’m not sure it\’s what you meant-but in wanting to know who is calling me…I have caller ID but it\’s no good.If I had a toll free number-I\’d know the number of every incoming call because I\’d be paying for it. Then I\’d know if it\’s anybody I know or somebody I have no need to take calls from. I really want a toll-free number now.Caller ID bites.

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