At Simon Moores’ eCrime 2006 conference on Thursday I was next to last on stage. Following me was Alex Tew, he of the famed Plainly a bright guy with a good head for how to maximise PR.

Simon intro’d me with the observation that I was a keen Marathon runner, so I took the opportunity to plug my latest fund raising venture, the Million Pound T-Shirt (TM). Here’s how it looks right now:

There’s still plenty of space available you can see – and this is just a view of the front. Whilst a million would be nice, I’ll settle for just a few hundred from you likely corporate sponsors out there. You’ll get massive coverage – not only will the crowd see me as I race towards them but the tens of runners that I pass on my way to the finish line will also see your logo, if it’s on the back. So, for best results, double up and purchase front and back logos.

I’m taking bids now. Book early to avoid the rush. All I’ll need is a copy of your logo, low resolution is fine, so that I can get it copied and printed onto the shirt.

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  1. 3:51! Two hundred next year you lazy sod, from Seahorse Software Ltd. If you run for heart disease.

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