3 thoughts on “eDt’s February State of the Nation

  1. Directgov usage (unique users) dropped (by 3.2%) from Jan to Feb, although February was 10% shorter, so day-for-day, traffic was up 7%. This is 60% higher than the \”organic\” monthly uplift of 4.5%.Page views were down 4%, or up 6.3% day-for-day. This is only 3.5% higher than the organic trend of 6.1% increase.If you attribute it all to the advertising campaign that is allegedly going on right now (assuming it wasn\’t going on in Jan, but was in full flow in Feb), it suggests that it\’s bringing in extra users, but they\’re not as click-happy as the old-timers.If you strip out the noise (short month and organic trend), the campaign attracted an extra 42,403 users and an additional 22,750 page hits – just over half a page hit each ;-)Those are the denominators. Now who\’s got the financials of the campaign to use as numerators so that we can get a CPM?

  2. Actually, the campaign launched on 6th March, so the Feb increase is just organic growth (plus good SEO & keyword buying of course).Published spend figures for the campaign are £1.8m – much of it online.The target is more upmarket online users – it\’s not about trying to get those offline to use the internet (the draw of public services all in one place is only so strong, as you say…)

  3. Some interesting points from egu_insider.Particularly the one about SEO/PPC.So now that\’s the campaign\’s underway, why doesn\’t Directgov appear to be running any Google Adwords campaigns?Interesting when you consider that the eDT report shows 6 of Directgov\’s top 10 referrers are search engines.Main reasons why traffic went up massively in January after a pretty bleak December werea) tax return deadline, an annual blipb) Local Directgov was testing its URLs extensively prior to launch.

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